About Us

Lead Learner Academy is a community for educators to gather and share ideas, innovative practices, and inspirational stories. One vehicle for sharing these stories is our podcast that features interviews with practicing educators and representatives from the hottest education-related companies. Our podcast and website provide a window into successful schools and classrooms from around the country, delving into what allows these lead learners to achieve life-changing results for their students!

Dr. Michael Methvin

As the principal at Pleasant Hope Elementary School in southwest Missouri, I work alongside a team of educators to meet the needs of an amazing group of children in kindergarten through fourth grade. I have been a building principal since 2005 at both the elementary and secondary levels after beginning my career in education as a business teacher. Prior to moving to the Midwest and becoming an educator, I spent time working in marketing, advertising, and the internet industry in Boston and New York.

Currently, I enjoy reading about new and innovative things happening in our classrooms, hosting the Lead Learner Podcast, and spending time with my wife, Kristal, and our three children — Jacob, Makayla, and Kennedy.

Just like you my passion is kids and learning, and I hope you not only find something here that helps to sharpen your craft as a school leader, but that you join the discussion and help to contribute to the sharpening of others.

Professional Background
Current:   Principal, Pleasant Hope Elementary School – Springfield, MO area
Education:   Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.), University of Arkansas

Dr-Shane_Dublin2Dr. Shane Dublin

Welcome to the Lead Learner Academy website! Prior to joining the Springfield Public School District in 2016, I served for 10 years as the principal at Bolivar Middle School, an outstanding place where students came every day to see their educational dreams come true.  As the Executive Director, Secondary Learning, I work to serve and support the middle school and high school leaders to continue to provide a first-class learning experience for our 25,000 students.  We strive to engage and challenge all students, provide interventions for struggling learners and nurture kids toward becoming responsible and productive citizens.

As an educator, I have a passion for being involved in conversations centering around learning, innovation, taking risks and bringing about the best in those around us. Our aim at the Lead Learner Academy is that school leaders (principals, teachers, aspiring leaders, etc.) will utilize us as a resource in developing as a lead learner–in order to achieve lasting results.

Professional Background
Current:   Executive Director, Secondary Learning, Springfield School District – Springfield, MO area
Education:   Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.), Southwest Baptist University